(THE GUIDING LIGHT is always in effect; the players decide which of these rules are in use)

THE ALTZHEIMER'S RULE: If, during the course of a turn, a player forgets how many points he/she has accumulated, or adds incorrectly, the player has wimped out.
THE A-SQUARED RULE: If a player has scored a flash, and in clearing it with two cubes, rolls a pair matching the flash, the player's total points in that turn are doubled. All the cubes are rolled (YMNWTBYM), but the flash must still be cleared with remaining chances.
THE BAD KARMA CONCEPT: A player should avoid building up negative cosmic energy at all costs. Sometimes, even when you've done nothing wrong, BAD KARMA builds up when you remain in one place for too long. At these times, it is best to take whatever score you can to move on, even if it's only five points.
THE BORN TO EAT NAILS RULE: A player may not stop rolling unless at least three of the five showing cubes are scoring.
THE BRENDA BURNS DUMB SHMUCK RULE: If when picking up the cubes the bandanna is also picked up, the player loses his/her turn.
THE DENNY'S RULE: If a game of Wimpout is forced to be stopped for any stupid or annoying reason before it is over, it is called the DENNY'S RULE in honor of a particularly anal night manager at an eating establishment that will not be named here.
THE DOUBLE-WAMMY RULE: When a player is both the third to roll a TRAIN WRECK, and has three consecutive TRAIN WRECKS of his/her own, the player must run three times three (that is, nine) times around the designated area.
THE DRUNKEN SAILOR RULE: When a cube or cubes are rolled off the bandanna, the player's turn ends immediately. FRINGE BENEFITS dictate that cubes barely touching the fringes are still in play.
THE FIFTEEN RULE: If at the start of a turn, a player rolls a total of FIFTEEN points (including or excluding a flaming sun, which can be MORALLY QUESTIONABLE but is generally acceptable) he/she may move his/her piece FIFTEEN points and start the turn over.
THE FLAMING SUN RULE: Players must make a flash with the sun if it is rolled the same time as a pair.
THE FREIGHT TRAIN DEFINED RULE: A FREIGHT TRAIN is five of a kind rolled at once, totaling 100 times the number rolled. FREIGHT TRAINS (as well as SUPERNOVAS and INSTANT WINNERS) must be natural (the flaming sun does not complete a FREIGHT TRAIN). It is not a flash, so the FUTTLESS RULE does not apply.
THE FULL HOUSE RULE: If a player rolls a flash, and in clearing it with two cubes, rolls a pair not matching the flash, the player may: 1) count the roll as a REROLL, and roll the two cubes again, OR 2) take the roll as a wimpout, and take an extra LAST LICKS at the end of the game.
THE FULL HOUSE RULE #2: Whenever the player is rolling all five cubes, and rolls a natural flash and a pair (no flaming sun), he/she must stand and say "Cluck, cluck, I'm a chicken" with a wild flapping motion, then continue with the turn as usual.
THE FUTTLESS RULE: All flashes must be cleared. Additional points must be scored by rolling the non-scoring cubes (or all five if they've all been scored on). The REROLL CLAUSE states that you cannot match a flash face when clearing.
THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS RULE: Four score and seven.... Whenever a player rolls all five cubes and gets four tens and a flaming sun, he/she must swap places with a player of his/her choice.
THE HUNDRED-NINE RULE: If the total of a player's current turn is a HUNDRED-NINE, he/she must raise both hands in a "wave" and emphatically say "Wooooo!" The turn continues as usual.
THE INSTANT WINNER RULE: If a player rolls five 6's at one time, the player is an INSTANT WINNER. This is really cool (but it really stinks if you were five away from winning and the INSTANT WINNER was at 35).
THE LAP RULE: Any player not yet in the game after another player has lapped the zero spot has one last chance to get in the game, or has automatically lost. If this leaves one player in the game, that player must continue to play on the chance that he/she may SUPERNOVA, thus creating a game with no winner.
THE LEAPFROG RULE: Whenever all playing pieces are on consecutive spaces, the piece in the last position moves to the front. Or, if you choose, an actual game of LEAPFROG may be substituted.
THE MEATBALL RULE: If, in the course of rolling the cubes, a player inadvertently causes a cube to fall to the floor, he/she must stand (preferably on a table) and sing "On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed. It rolled off the table, and onto the floor. And then my poor meatball rolled right out the door."
THE NIGHTWATCH RULE: A player on nightwatch cannot be RUTABAGA'D while in the performance of his/her nightwatch duties.
THE OVERLAP RULE: A player's piece may not rest on the same spot as another player's, nor directly above or below it.
THE PORCUPINE RULE: If a player grabs the cubes out of turn or during another turn, the grabber forfeits his/her next turn.
THE PREMATURE SHMACKULATION RULE: A player who yells, "TRAIN WRECK!" when none in fact exists forfeits his/her current turn.
THE REFRESHMENT RULE: If a player leaves the game to get REFRESHMENTS, and does not ask the other players if they would like anything, the offending player must sit on the floor in meditation position, saying, "I repent, I repent, I repent," until forgiven.
THE REROLLS DON'T GROW ON TREES RULE: A player has a pre-determined number of rolls (usually five) in which to clear any flash.
THE RUTABAGA RULE: If a player is absent (mentally or physically) when it is his/her turn to play, the other players may count down from five (visibly or audibly) and yell, "RUTABAGA!" The absent player's turn is forfeited if he/she does not touch the cubes by the end of the yell. As a courtesy, however, it is generally required that players answer immediately if asked whether their turn is done.
THE SIXTY-NINE RULE: Whenever the total of a player's current cubes and any score up to that roll adds up to SIXTY-NINE, the player may move forward 100 points, OR move a player of his/her choice backward 200 points.
THE SKUNK RULE: If a player accidentally knocks over a scoring cube, it counts as a wimpout.
THE STRAIGHT RULE: If a player rolls a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in one throw of the cubes (the flaming sun may be used to complete the straight), the player may take 25 points OR half the distance between that player and the leader (round down). YMNWTBYM roll all five cubes and complete turn.
THE SUPERLATIVE CONJUNCTION RULE (formerly DOUBLE FLASH RULE): If a player rolls two different pair on the white cubes, and a flaming sun on the black cube, the player may: 1) take one of the flashes and REROLL the other two cubes, OR 2) add the points of both flashes together, and roll all five cubes (in this case, both flashes must be cleared within ten rolls; there must be a roll within the ten rolls in which neither of the flash cubes appears).
THE SUPERNOVA RULE: If a player rolls five 10's, that's just TOO MANY POINTS, so the player is automatically out of the game. If this leaves one player in the game, that player must continue to play on the chance of a SUPERNOVA, creating a game with no winner.
THE THIS CAN'T HAPPEN RULE: Players should decide at the beginning whether FREIGHT TRAINS (including SUPERNOVAS and INSTANT WINNERS) supersede YMNWTBYM.
THE THREE TRAIN WRECK RULE: If a player rolls THREE TRAIN WRECKS in a row, or is the third consecutive player to roll a TRAIN WRECK, that player must run around a predetermined area three times yelling, "Train wreck! Woo, woo! Clear the tracks!"
THE TOUGH SHTUFF RULE: If a violation of the OVERLAP RULE is noticed after the player has already completed his/her turn, TOUGH SHTUFF (and likewise for other rules).
THE TRAIN WRECK RULE: If a player rolls all five cubes and wimps out, he/she must shout "Train wreck! Woo, woo! Clear the tracks!"
YOU MAY NOT WANT TO BUT YOU MUST (YMNWTBYM): If after any series of rolls you have scored with all five cubes, you must continue your turn, rolling all five cubes and adding to your score.
THE YOU TOUCHA MY PIECE I TAKA YOUR TURN RULE: When a player rolls and one of the cubes touches another player's piece, the said player controls the remainder of the roller's turn, and takes whatever points the roller scores.
THE ZUCCHINI PRINCIPLE (formerly WALLENDA PRINCIPLE): If a player rolls and one cube lands on another cube, the player has two options: he/she may 1) run away and join the circus, OR 2) reroll both cubes.